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Einstar Updates EXStar v1.2 Software: Elevating 3D Scanning to New Heights

Einstar Updates EXStar v1.2 Software: Elevating 3D Scanning to New Heights

Einstar Updates EXStar v1.2 Software: Elevating 3D Scanning to New Heights

Hangzhou, China -March 28th, 2024: Einstar, recognized as a leading consumer-grade 3D scanner since its launch in September 2022, has solidified its position as the go-to choice across various industries, celebrated for its unparalleled detail and reliability. Now, the Einstar team is pleased to announce its latest software upgrade: EXStar v1.2. This software enhancement comes at no additional cost to users.


Over the past year, the Einstar team has diligently collected user feedback with the primary objective of establishing Einstar as the premier solution for entry-level scanning. Numerous updates and enhancements have been integrated into the software, enhancing usability and addressing real-world challenges to cater to the diverse needs of both entry-level and professional users alike.


Einstar takes great pride in the raw data quality, consistently exceeding expectations for its price point. With the EXStar v1.2 update, SHINING 3D has further elevated data quality, delivering clearer, sharper scans with richer, more realistic textures. Additionally, a suite of new features has been introduced to streamline the scanning process, ensuring a more seamless experience for users. For in-depth insights into this update, please refer to Einstar's technical article.


Rebecca Khoo, Einstar's esteemed Product Manager, shares her insights on the upgrade: "We are committed to continuously enhancing our existing products, ensuring that every penny our Einstar users invest is well-spent. Furthermore, we aim to attract a wider audience interested in 3D scanning with this user-friendly product."


With EXStar v1.2, Einstar's overarching aim is to empower users of all skill levels to scan effortlessly and efficiently. SHINING 3D eagerly anticipates witnessing how this upgrade will shape the future of 3D scanning technology, as it continues to surprise and innovate for its valued users.


About SHINING 3D: SHINING 3D has been developing, manufacturing, and democratizing high-precision 3D technologies for almost 20 years. The company offers accessible and high-quality 3D digital solutions to users with diverse backgrounds and industries worldwide. As a key contributor in the 3D scanning industry, SHINING 3D aims to keep nourishing and leveraging its global influence to promote the popularization of digital 3D technology.


Contact: marketing@shining3d.com

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