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EXStar v1.2: Take you to a more wonderful 3D World

EXStar v1.2: Take you to a more wonderful 3D World

EXStar v1.2: Take you to a more wonderful 3D World


Since the release of Einstar, we have seen the great success on the entry-level of 3D scanning. However, we are thinking about stepping forward to improve the scanning performance and better fulfill our customer requirements. Now, we are excited to announce the significant update of EXStar v1.2, which has introduced abundant features at a more professional level. This update is expected to become a powerful engine to take you to a more wonderful 3D world.


EXStar v1.2 Download


Reduced Requirements for PC Configuration

EXStar v1.2 reduced the requirements for PC configuration and maximized the utilization of computer resources to support greater data processing capabilities.


Recommended Configuration:

  • Computer Memory (RAM): 32GB or above

  • Graphics Card: NVIDIA GTX1050 or above, dedicated graphics card
  • Graphics Memory: 6GB or above
  • Processor: i7-11800H or above


Required Configuration: 

  • Computer Memory (RAM): 16GB or above
  • Graphics Card: NVIDIA GTX1050 or above, dedicated graphics card
  • Graphics Memory: 4GB or above
  • Processor: i5-1240P or above

Optimized Data Quality

Better Data Detail 

EXStar v1.2 now captures data with sharper and clearer details.

Sharper Texture

EXStar v1.2 ensures the high fidelity of color texture.



Improved Scanning Performance

Faster Processing Speed

When generating point cloud, over 38% speed promotion has been seen.



Loading project group is 66% faster than ever before.


Compact Project Size

Minimize project file size up to 75%, while the data quality can be well guaranteed.

*The reduction ratio may vary for different projects.


Powerful Features

Align Mode Combination

Users now have more flexibility in selecting align modes . Features, texture, markers can be combined arbitrarily. 

                                                           Portrait Scan


                                                           Object Scan


Auto Cutting Plane

Auto cutting plane is recognized according to the desktop or a flat surface. The data underneath the cutting plane will not be captured, saving time to edit and delete irrelevant and noise data after scanning.


Adjust Point Distance

The point distance can be freely adjusted during scanning. Larger the point distance to reduce the data amount, or smaller the point distance to enhance the data detail.


Marker/Point Cloud Editing

Markers and point cloud can be edited separately.


Scan Rewind

It is supported to roll back your scan at most 200 frames once a time. You don’t have to swipe all your data if any mistake or misalignment happens during scanning.


Mesh Display Type

The display type of your scan model can be chosen from triangles, wireframe, point cloud data, triangles and wireframes.


Model Display

Auto rotate the 3D model according to the current view. The rotation speed can be adjusted according to your needs.


Object Mover

A three-axes object mover is added into the precise alignment. Users can pan/rotate the model easily by dragging the object mover.


Quick Alignment

Align the 3D model more conveniently to the world coordinates. The direction of the coordinate system after alignment is: Z-axis up, X forward, and Y right.


Marker/Point Cloud Distance Measurement

Global markers and point cloud are supported to be measured. The results can be saved to local.


Shining 3D Digital Cloud

Users can upload scanned data to Shining 3D Digital Cloud and share it to others. It is supported to embed 3D model display in Web page. (New users can get 5G free cloud space)


3Dconnexion CadMouse

3Dconnexion SpaceMouse is supported. Shortcut key configuration will be automatically activated while 3DxWare software is installed.

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